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Workshop: How to Become a Family Storyteller
Single Session
Judy began her storytelling career as a "family storyteller" with the simple goal of telling stories to her own children and using those stories as a parenting tool to help guide her children's development. You, too, can learn how to use stories as a parenting tool - this workshop will get you started! Children love to hear their own parent's voices and are not very demanding of the quality of the performance. Because they will love anything you tell them, we will focus on the stories themselves. You will learn where to find stories and how to pick stories for their age appropriateness, issue appropriateness and for their role in helping children to work past specific undesired behaviors. You will also learn the basics of delivering a story in a manner that helps children actively use their imagination and hear a story on their own terms. With only one session, you'll be ready to bring into your parenting the wisdom of countless generations.

Wisdom Tales - Sequels to the "Happily Ever After" of Children's Tales
Single Session
Perfect for those in their mid-thirties and older, these tales explore the meaning and uses of wisdom. At approximately age 40, give or take a few years, we experience a maturation of viewpoint that allows us to handle paradox, take a broader view and see things simultaneously from many points of view. These tales explore the ways in which we can use this new skill in our daily lives. In addition, the program explores the changing relationship to our bodies as we age and helps us to accept the trade-off between cognitive gains and physical losses. The program includes three tales with symbolic analysis of each and lasts 60 to 90 minutes.

Wisdom Tales Part 2 - The Power of the Old Crone
Single Session
In folktales, the old crone is a woman who has amazing power and takes no backtalk. With a strong sense of self and an ability to see the bigger picture, the old crone doles out consequences with impunity. Learn how to step into this position and become comfortable in the wise leader role - freely able to demand the respect you deserve! The program includes three tales with symbolic analysis of each and lasts 60 to 90 minutes. Perfect for those in their mid-thirties and older, this program is best taken after Wisdom Tales Part I.

Folktales for Parents
Single Session Program
Parenting has never been harder than it is in today's world. Ancient wisdom reminds us how to step into the true parent's role of guidance and leadership and avoid the pitfalls of controlling or permissive parenting. Tales include: 1) The All Seeing Princess on how to rise above today's game of competitive parenting; 2) The Red Shoes on how to give your children the inner strength that will prevent them from falling into addiction; and 3) The Old Alchemist on how to harness and guide, rather than thwart, a young person's energy. The program includes symbolic analysis of each tale and lasts 60 to 90 minutes. This session can be combined with Judy's How to Become a Family Storyteller Workshop for a two session parenting power pack program.

Parzival and the Holy Grail
Two Session Program
The story of Parzival is the ultimate tale of the journey to self-knowledge. Dealing with issues of balance, wholeness, compassion, achieving fulfillment in life, and viewing opposites as complements rather than as adversaries, Parzival's tale is the quintessential expression of the journey of both young adulthood and of the second half of life. In the first session, Judy gives an oral telling that attempts to hold true to Wolfram Von Eschenbach's original tale while holding to the time constraints of oral telling. In the second session, Judy analyzes the tale and helps listeners to apply its lessons to their own lives. Discover what your own personal Holy Grail is and begin your journey to achieve it!

Folktale with Hidden Meaning
Single Session Program
Tell Judy what ails you, or what issue you'd like to explore, and she will choose a folktale that will help you bring your own happy ending to the issue. Sample topics include: navigating a major change, dealing emotionally with illness, overcoming self-sabotage, beginning a marriage.

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