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World Folktales
Single Session or Weekly Program
Judy tells tales from every corner of the world, each of which paints a metaphorical picture of the human condition, the problems we face and the journeys we make to solve these problems and bring ourselves to our own "happily ever after".

Stories can address specific development issues occurring in the life of the listeners. These include:

  • The development of character traits such as compassion, kindness, trust and many more.
  • Age-determined developmental issues such as handling the natural distancing from parents that comes with growing up or learning to understand the consequences of behavior and make ethical choices.
  • Seasonal issues such as handling the feelings of loss that come in autumn with the falling leaves, building courage for and learning to appreciate the quiet solitude of winter or learning to use the explosive, jittery energy of spring to move towards great accomplishments.

Stories last from 10 to 45 minutes. For the weekly program, tales will be chosen to guide listeners through an in-depth experience relating to a specific development issue.

Raising the Bar: From Animalistic to Heroic Choices
Single Session or Weekly Program
This program is modeled after Waldorf education's Grade 2 literature and humanities curriculum and is best as an ongoing program for children approximately ages 7 to 9. Animal fables explore the consequences of such unsightly, but very real, human behaviors stemming from unmanaged greed, jealousy, arrogance, etc. The fables, then, are implicitly compared with stories of human individuals acting with compassion, courage, wisdom and kindness to achieve the ultimate of human endeavors - the creation of a just and goodly world. The pairing of these two types of tales tells listeners that, while our base instincts are very real, they are not the path to our highest of human achievements. Buddhist Jataka tales can also be added to show the wholeness of the choices and teach compassion towards our animalistic instincts.

Jewish Holiday Stories
Judy retells the Jewish holiday stories with a focus on the universal goodness of humanity.

Buddhist Stories
Single Session or Weekly Program
Seeped in lessons of compassion, kindness, mindfulness and non-violence, Buddhist tales are important tools in the development of a strong ethical backbone. While Judy is not a practicing Buddhist, her respect for and knowledge of the underlying culture of Buddhism means that she tells the tales with the reverence they are due. Although ancient, these tales live again in Judy's performances and speak their timeless message to today's listeners.

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