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World Folktales with Hidden Meaning
Single Session or Weekly Program
Teens can process literature in an intellectual manner that allows for a direct understanding that the stories are told in symbolic form. Judy tells tales from every corner of the world, each of which paints a metaphorical picture of the human condition, the problems we face and the journeys we make to solve these problems and bring ourselves to our own "happily ever after". For teens and adults, Judy tells the tales in a way that encourages metaphorical listening. At the start of each session, Judy will guide listeners in the use of their skills of intellectual abstraction and will help listeners process the material symbolically. Each telling is followed by an analysis of the inherent symbolism that helps teens bring the lessons of the story into their own lives. Topics include: "going solo" in life, beginning to build your own life as distinctly separate from your parents, avoiding addiction, making the journey to self-knowledge, using judgment and intuition, succeeding even when you don't feel like you fit in and other issues of self-reliance.

World Folktales with Journaling Exercises
Single Session or Weekly Program
After each tale, Judy will guide listeners through journaling exercises that will help them to apply the lessons directly to their own lives. Examples of exercises include taking a real problem and writing about it as if folk tale characters are living it out to its solution.

Parzival and the Holy Grail
Two Session Program
The story of Parzival is the ultimate tale of the journey to self-knowledge. Dealing with issues of balance, wholeness, compassion, achieving fulfillment in life, and viewing opposites as complements rather than as adversaries, Parzival is central to the Junior year curriculum at a Waldorf High School. This tale is a perfect way to prepare for the journey onto college and self-reliance. In the first session, Judy gives an oral telling that attempts to hold true to Wolfram Von Eschenbach's original tale while holding to the time constraints of oral telling. In the second session, Judy analyzes the tale and helps listeners to apply its lessons to their own lives. This program not available to Waldorf students, who must read the actual med-evil Germanic text (which even Judy finds to be extremely difficult!)

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