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Stories are sooooo old fashioned! What good could ever come of telling age old tales to modern, sophisticated children? Plenty! Stories are more than simple entertainment. Listening to traditional stories increases imagination, empathy, moral fortitude, emotional intelligence, attention span, literary comprehension skills and even reading decoding skills. Stories can also be a cornerstone to an educational approach that seeks to develop the whole child and encourages the development of true, responsible freedom.

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Radio Programs about Storytelling and Storyteller Magic

Walking On Air  

Stories are a More Creative Alternative to Passive Entertainment!

Hear for yourself as Judy speaks with Betsy and Sal onWLBK’s Walking On Air an edgy, smart, and somewhat irreverent one-hour call-in talk radio show. December 20, 2006.    

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Judy's Articles on Stories and Storytelling

Judy's Articles on Education

In addition to telling stories and promoting the use of story in education and in the home, Judy thinks a great deal about the state of today’s educational system and the potential to create a system that truly gives our modern children what they need.  Below are some links to published articles in this area.

Other Resources Available on this Website

  • To find out more about how to use story as a parenting tool, check out Guiding the Journey, a 3-CD audio guide to the hidden meaning behind the stories in Tales for the Journey, and in all stories!
  • To find out more about the hidden meaning in Judy’s stories on CD, explore the Story Guides!